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The First Cut!

Today was great! Eddie got the mill inside the pole barn. Thank goodness for the track loader and his ingenuity. He had to do some maintenance on the mill, but got it up and running.

We still have a bit of work to do on it. The water tank was left full by the previous owner due to unforeseen circumstances so it is rusty and the hoses are no good. And there are a few belts, cables, and small pieces that need replaced. But....we cut some slabs of Pacific Madrone today!

We started with a smaller log just to be on the safe side. We cut 2" thick slabs with raw edges. Check out this slideshow and see how pretty Madrone is. It will darken as it dries and more grain will appear. I will try and remember to do follow-up pictures.

We are hoping to do some of the larger recycled logs we have soon. Also we plan on making some blanks that we can get into the hands of some wood turners. I would love to see some rolling pins, bowls, and pens out of our downed trees! God Bless! Eddie and Tesha

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