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Kil'n Time

Welcome back! Let's get caught up. Despite the winter weather and health issues, we have been very busy. Actually, Eddie has been very busy, and I have been documenting his amazing progress. On top of keeping the property going, taking care of me, and making major additions to the business, Eddie broke his toe. I don't know how he does it all.

We have been needing a way to keep our fresh cut slabs stored and dry. An even better way to store them is if they could be passively drying while they sit. So, Eddie added on the mill barn! Now we have a large solar kiln to stack slabs in. He also added a shed row to the other side for more parking and storage. Check this out!

Insulation is the next step, but it already gets nice and warm in there. Eddie was able to get all the slabs out of the main milling area, which then allowed him to mill some more of the logs we had waiting.

One of our newest tools is a Kubota Series 4 Excavator. This thing is amazing. We really did a lot of homework and testing before we decided to add it to our orange collection. We even tested other colors, (Brands) but we still ended up with Kubota orange. The excavator makes working with trees and logs immensely easier. It is like having a really strong giant willing to lend a hand with the heavy lifting and hard to reach logs.

Not only does it pick-up the logs, but it can hold them while being cut so there is less strain on you while holding a heavy chainsaw. Yes, it is orange too. We love our Stihl equipment as much as our Kubota. Look how much firewood came out of some dead trees that the power company cut away from lines.

Spring will be here soon. We will start planting and hopefully use the rainy days up in the woodshop getting some projects done that we can begin to market. The sunny days hopefully we will be slabbing and salvaging trees. Keep in touch! Stay with us on Instagram @etcdesigns1 Thank you all for visiting! God Bless! Eddie and Tesha

In loving memory of our best furry coworker Krusoe!

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