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Hello and Happy Holidays! We hope this season finds you all well and blessed. We have been busy as usual. I am excited to tell you about some of our latest projects. It has been a get ready!

The family went on a trip to Utah to see Tesha's grandma. Her and Grandpa had built beautiful oak cabinets in their kitchen decades ago. Grandma carefully picked out the pieces of oak that would make her kitchen the most cohesive. The cabinets turned out beautiful. There was quite a bit of oak left, and they carefully stacked it in their woodshop. While there, grandma asked us to take the oak and make something beautiful out of it. The large family all spends time in grandma's kitchen. That is usually the first room we walk into and get greeted. We have all made Christmas cookies, assembled jigsaw puzzles, dined, cooked, canned, and giggled in that kitchen. So, we asked grandma permission to cut the boards down and create gifts that she could give to her family. We made serving boards, charcuterie boards, and 17 heart ornaments for the grandchildren.

As you can see, we were able to complete a lot of projects. We learned a lot from this wood. And we had so much fun working on this together. We hope these pieces bring good memories to the family members receiving them as well.

Eddie and I always love learning. The more skills the better. We want to be able to make table legs, bench bases, and hardware for our projects. Eddie has been working a lot on the metal lathe and milling machine. We decided to take welding classes at the local community college too! We had a blast! We have both have had a little welding in the past, so we were surprised how much the equipment has evolved over the years. We loved it so much we invested in a Miller 210. We have big plans for the new guy! During class, we practiced every type of welding. We even got to do some plasma cutting!

We have been working with some other wood as well as the oak. Eddie added some really cool metal items to some pieces. I love them! What do you think?

Wild wood grain is so much fun to work with. Making designs to showcase the grain is challenging and rewarding. Check out this walnut! So beautiful!

In more news, our Instagram account made it to 1,000 followers! It is a nice milestone met for us. Our next goal is 1,500. We are excited to get there. Between blogs, make sure to follow us on Instagram to stay updated. Just follow @etcdesigns1. You can also see real time Instagram updates here on the website on the home page!

Thank you for your interest in ETC Designs. Soon it will be warmer weather and we will be back to slabbing as well. I will also get products for sale added on here as soon as I have enough finished inventory. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May God bless you and yours! Love, Eddie, Tesha, Krusoe of ETC Designs

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