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Moving in Snow Motion

We live in an area that actually is not known for large amounts of snowfall. But occasionally we get a winter wonderland. This year we had a white Christmas! Over a foot fell with more on the way. It slows everything down, Work, travel, and life in general, but it is so amazing. Sometimes slowing down is good for the soul. The forest surrounding us is frosty and serene. Thie chickens do not care for it at all! The snow is deeper than they are tall. They decided to hunker down and stay in their coop.

They got extra treats of mealworms and a dispenser with lukewarm water. I did try to make them a path in case they decided to explore snow for the first time, but they are staying put.

We live on a remote road with neighbors spread out. Eddie was able to take the skid steer and slowly clear to the main paved road. I followed for a bit, but BRRR!!! I retreated to the warm house. Power kept flickering off and on, but so far it is still hanging in there. I am glad we have a woodstove.

Krusoe is the only critter here on the farm that actually enjoys the snow. He throws himself in it try to slide down the mountain. He loves to roll and run in it. I think he is part bear. It has not slowed him down at all!

We did have one day of almost no rain that we were able to start siding the milling shed. It will keep things dryer and warmer in there.

We hope all is well with everyone and you had a very Blessed and Merry Christmas!

And Happy New Year!

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