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All A Board!!! The latest journey...

We have the shop in semi working order to get a few projects done. We aren't able to use all of the equipment yet, but we are making projects with what we have. Eddie got a lot of the tools cleaned up and ready to go. Mom and Dad got us shop stools as well. Perfect for working at the bench with the great view. Check out the slide show below.

We added a few more essential pieces of equipment to the shop as well. We picked up a mill and a planer. We are both excited to try those out. Now in addition to wood products, we can fabricate metal items.

All of the equipment has been heavy and very difficult to move into the shop, but Eddie always finds a way to get it done. This is video of the mill being set on its stand.

In addition to the Easter Cross, and the Camphor board we made, we made a Mother's Day project that involved resin for the 1st time. It was a great learning experience. I am looking forward to trying resin again and using what we learned.

Our latest project involved a piece of Black Walnut we picked up from a local woodshop. We were able to cut 2 sections and make charcuterie boards out of those. It was hard not to just stare at the grain in the wood while working on these.

With the new planer, we are hoping to do some larger projects like benches and tables. We also picked up an Alaskan Mill so that we can slab some really large logs that will not fit in the bandsaw mill. We need to get a bigger chainsaw and bar, and also a winch system to make it a smoother process, but it was really fun to practice using it.

That is the latest from us. We have some more projects lined up. In between blogs, you can check in on us on Instagram @etcdesigns1

We appreciate you following along as we continue our business adventures! God Bless, ETCDesigns

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