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Wooden You Know?

We have missed you! Hello everyone! It has been a while. We have been BUSY! I hope you have been in the loop on Instagram or at least following the Instagram portion of this website so you can get glimpses of the changes that have been happening here at ETC Designs. We have been struggling a little but with Phisher/Scammer bots trying to become members of our website, but hopefully that is resolved with a new blocker app! Now for some real news!

The shop is getting set-up! We still have a long way to go, but we are able to start on small projects.

Our next step is to furnish the shop with the tools we need and the organization systems etc. Eddie built a great worktable and work bench. The views from the long bench are amazing. We have some tools collected over the years. We were also able to pick-up some tools from a friend that was retiring his shop.

Getting some of the equipment in was a little adventurous! Some pretty heavy items!

We had a few speedbumps that slowed getting the shop set-up. We needed to get a greenhouse and garden area ready in time to plant this year. Eddie built an amazing greenhouse for us. The chickens needed to move out of the garden area, so they got a new coop area. I love it and they seem to as well! The weather threw us a curve ball and we had several days of snow in April.

But despite all of that, we did make a few small projects! The cross is Maple Burl and the board is Camphor.

What a blessing to be able to work together and build this life and business side by side. We have been busy, but we are having fun. Keep checking in, we should have more projects soon and more progress on the shop. Also follow us on Instagram at @etcdesigns1 for reels. Krusoe, the shop dog keeps us pretty busy and entertained as our mascot for Instagram so you might enjoy some of his antics on there as well.

God Bless you all! ETC Designs!

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