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The North Pole...Barn That Is.

Hello! We hope you are having a wonderful and blessed holiday season. It has been busy here at ETC Designs. Now that Eddie has been able to slab wood, actually more than we thought this year, we decided we need a pole barn to store, dry, and work with the slabs. To the north of our house, we had some old pole ag buildings that we decided we could replace with a larger single ag building for farm use as well as slab storage. The view from up there is amazing!

Well, you have to take my word for it. This fog here is rare. Usually, we are above it.

We thought since there was a building here before, that it would be pretty even ground. You can see how much gravel it took to actually get it level. Eddie spent days making it work.

He got the pole braces cemented in and hopefully soon we can start framing and then cladding in metal once the weather gets better. We need to be able to get a cement truck in here. Hmmm...

It looks like rain for a while. The day was a little clearer when these photos were taken, but still cloudy. This project might be on hold at least through the end of the year. The mud is a nuisance, except to Krusoe who wallows in it.

The rainy muddy days make good days for indoor projects. Eddie cut some wood rounds for me. We have oak, cedar, and madrone. If anyone needs some crafting rounds, let us know. Some are drilled for ornaments or hangings, and some have a light finish on them. They could also make coasters. I thought I would try my hand at painting a few of them. My hands do not have the talent my brain thought they should, so it is best to leave it to the artists in the world to make them into what they ought to be.

Can you guess what species in order from left to right is? Feel free to comment and I will let you know if you are correct.

Eddie found the perfect tree in our forest to decorate. We hope that you have an amazing Christmas and the miracles of God that surround us always fill your hearts with comfort and joy. Be safe and Merry! ETC Designs, Eddie and Tesha

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