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The Key to Lyme - It is not as easy as pie!

I debated writing this blog, wondering if this was an appropriate site for it. Sure, I live in the woods and ticks are prevalent here and hopefully outdoors people will see it and benefit from what I have to say, but this could apply to everyone. Ultimately, a blog is about helping others and that is what I hope this message does.

First, I would like you to check out this map on Flick The Tick.

Notice how there are ticks everywhere!? Migrating birds are carrying ticks all over the place. They are no longer hiding in the woods hanging out with the deer.

This yucky picture of a wren with ticks is from

Notice how small the ticks are. They can be as small as poppy seeds and still transmit diseases to humans.

Lyme disease is a very common vector borne illness in the world. One of the most common in fact. There are many diseases that ticks spread. Lyme is the most well known, but the others can make you just as sick.

I had a positive Lyme test in 2020. Due to misinformation and having SLE, I was not treated. I have been suffering with symptoms for years and have seen multiple doctors. I was retested this year after doctors felt that was the only disease the fit my illness. My immune system has allowed other ailments to come into play as well, but I feel like if my Lyme was treated initially, my immune system would have been able to fight off the other ailments. I never had a bullseye rash, but did you know that less than half of all Lyme positive people have a rash? Do NOT use that as the only indicator of Lyme Disease! If you have a chronic mysterious illness, please ask a doctor to test you.

Watch "Under Our Skin"

to get educated. Find a doctor that is patient first! They should not be bought and paid for by Pharma or protocol or any motivation other than making you healthy. The only ones that should be involved in your healthcare are: God, you, and your doctor! No other entity has a right to tell you how to be treated, not even your insurance company.

Here are some charts from Mayo Clinic and Michigan Medicine (University of Michigan) so you have an idea of the symptoms. Not everyone gets the same symptoms, some people experience more or less than these, and they can vary in intensity. It is important to note, that Lyme disease can be fatal.

I have more fun doing non-serious blogs, but if this helps anyone it is completely worth it, I pray you all have health and happiness and the support you need. God Bless! Tesha

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Very good information about Lyme disease. Thank you!

Nov 20, 2021
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Thank you!

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